Community Outreach

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The Community Outreach Committee meets virtually at 9:00 AM on the Tuesday following the Board of Directors Meeting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Outreach Committee is to create a deep sense of community and neighborliness among Belmont’s residents.  The committee’s purpose is to: organize activities and events for the benefit of residents of all ages and interests;  communicate to the Belmont Community Association (BCA) residents the information they need to be active participants in the community;  and help residents reach out to the Belmont Board of Directors so that they will be responsive to their needs and concerns.  The committee also provides opportunities for community service.


The Community Outreach Committee will provide support to our Belmont Community Association volunteers as per Administrative Resolution #29 “Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition”.  They will plan and coordinate an annual volunteer appreciation event in accordance with this policy.

Committee will provide support in the following areas:

  1. Supporting local charities
  2. Reaching out to the residents of Belmont Community Association
  3. Reaching out to the greater Loudoun County community
  4. Planning BCA sponsored community events
  5. Planning BCA sponsored children activities (18 & Under)
  6. Coordinating the Village Captains

The Board of Director’s Volunteer Liaison will serve as a liaison to this committee, while still retaining the duties of the volunteer liaison as dictated by Resolution #18 “Standard Operating Procedures”.

Additionally, the Managing Agent, or appointed member of the staff, will serve as Activities Coordinator, providing a stable support system of handling purchases, communications, and directly supporting any activities sponsored by this committee, as appropriate.

The Board of Directors will set an annual budget for the expenses incurred by this committee.  Any single expense or accumulated expenses in support of one event which exceeds $500 must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Standard Operating Procedures

This committee is not limited to the seven voting member limit as per Resolution #18.  However, there must be at least five appointed permanent members.  Voting results will be determined by the majority of people in attendance of the meeting.

There will be subcommittees and subsequent chairs of those subcommittees. These subcommittees work within the context of the committee, and under the guidance of the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee.  Action Items will be assigned to the Community Outreach Committee, even if the work is performed by a subcommittee.

Additionally, a village ambassador system will be implemented.  Residents can sign up to be coordinator  for their village, to help with any community-wide projects as appropriate.  For larger villages, there may be more than one ambassador.

Otherwise, the Community Outreach Committee shall adhere to the policies and procedures described in Administrative Policy #18 “Belmont Community Association Standard Operating Procedures”.

Join the Community Outreach Committee

  • Vacancy, Chair
  • Amy Dunne, Board Liaison
  • Janet Miller
  • Emily Marentette