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The Technology Committee meets virtually at 7:00 PM on the fourth Thursday of each month. All residents are welcome to attend.


I. The primary responsibility of the Technology Committee is to advise and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors, in a reasonable and productive manner, on the impact and implications of technological innovation regarding the technology infrastructure and operations of the Belmont Community Association. This will include planning, budgeting, acquiring, using, disposing, and administering of information technology. In fulfilling this responsibility, the Board of Directors shall assign the Technology Committee with tasks from time to time, which may include but not be limited to those below.

The committee will focus their efforts on developing the Belmont Community Association’s requirements and establish appropriate services related to broadband access, and identify qualified and franchised broadband service providers for the Belmont Community Association. Broadband capabilities will include, but not be limited to, cable, DSL, satellite, fiber optic and streaming of video and audio.

The committee will review, evaluate and comment on broadband services available through either individual subscription, a la carte or HOA bundled services from providers and offer guidance to the Board on acceptable levels of service, pricing, customer care and network construction standards.

II. The committee will also review intranet and HOA community portal status and capabilities, and provide comments and recommendations to the Board on local content, community connectivity and related services such as other broadband access services.

III. The Committee will develop a comprehensive Technology Plan for all current and future phases of the Belmont Community Association including the protection and storage of any electronic data owned by the Association.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Technology Committee shall adhere to the policies and procedures described in Administrative Policy #18 “Belmont Community Association Standard Operating Procedures”.


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  • Tony Ivey, Board Liaison
  • Ken Nutter, Chair
  • Michael O Rivera
  • Vacancy (Alternate #1)
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