Snow in Belmont

Click here to report a snow concern

Management has taken the necessary measures to prepare for the upcoming weather. The HOA office would like to reassure homeowners that we have two very reliable contractors whose team of snow plows works diligently to clear the roads of snow and ice at Belmont.  If you see the snow plows working on streets close to your residence and they have not cleared your road yet, please do not get discouraged.  The snow plows will service all of the private streets of the Association, but it takes time, so please be patient.  Remember that snow services are performed when snow accumulation on pavement reaches two (2) inches in height as reported at Dulles Airport, unless otherwise instructed.  

  • Residents who need to report concerns regarding community streets should not email the BCA staff members.  Instead, residents should use the “Report a Snow Concern” form, found on the BCA website (  You can access the form by hovering over “Landscaping” and midway down click on the link or click here to access the form.  Residents should prioritize the snow form for reporting problems throughout the community.
  • To aid in the clearing of all 94 streets within Belmontit is vital that residents remove their vehicles from the streets and park in their garages and driveways when possible.  Vehicles that remain parked on the streets may impede or delay the snow contractor’s ability to clear the snow, and the vehicles may become “boxed in” by snow as the contractor clears the streets. Keep in mind that VDOT will need to clear the main roads before our contractors can gain complete access to our community.  Snow will accumulate around mailboxes in large snow falls and in front of driveways.  The contractors will plow to the best of their ability; however, in large snow falls, they cannot clear all mailboxes and driveway aprons.
  • Please make sure to clear the sidewalks in a timely manner and keep in mind that Belmont has children of all ages that walk to the school bus stops and for safety reasons everyone needs to do their part to clear a safe pathway for them. Chapter 1022 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances states that snow and ice should be removed from sidewalks. The Association will clear the bus stops and common area sidewalks leading to schools or bus stops.
  • Standard procedure in the event of a major snow event is to raise the barrier arms and open the gates at each entrance to prevent damage to the hardware.  Snow and ice can cause hazardous driving conditions for vehicles approaching the gates, particularly snow plows with over-sized equipment attached to them.  Trash and recycling removal services may also be impacted by unsafe driving conditions – the BCA staff will monitor Patriot Disposal’s website ( and send an email to the community if service is cancelled tomorrow.  In the event of inclement weather on a pickup day, it is highly recommended that residents check Patriot Disposal’s website before moving their can(s) to the curb.
  • Please remember that properties located in the Villages for The Chase and The Hunt have all of their snow removal plowing service performed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) personnel.  Homeowners who reside in either of these two villages should contact VDOT directly at 703-383-VDOT (8368) or go to their website at (  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has a terrific web tool that shows the status of plowing in Northern Virginia neighborhoods. Once it snows at least two inches, residents can find out the status of plowing in Loudoun neighborhoods at (  The webpage activates only when two or more inches have accumulated. VDOT has organized Northern Virginia streets into 600 “snow maps” which are assigned to plow drivers.  These are the maps users will view and be able to find out whether crews are plowing, have plowed or have not started a particular snow map.  Street-by-street progress is not shown.  The website tracks VDOT-maintained neighborhoods only.
  • The Ridges Condominiums snow operations is managed separately by your management company, CMC.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding snow removal, please email ([email protected]).
  • The HOA Office has received numerous phone calls of residents looking for someone to shovel their driveways after the snow storm.  If you or someone you know would like to earn a little extra money by helping to shovel driveways, please fill out a classified ad form on the Belmont HOA website so your ad can be posted for the community to see.
  • If you have an emergency, please call 911 and not the HOA Office.  If you lose Cable TV or Internet during the storm, please contact the Comcast Belmont Bulk Account at 855-638-2855.

Shoveling Sidewalks

All residents are required to clear their sidewalks except residents who live in:

  • Carriage Homes
  • Tournament Homes
  • Meadows (Medinah Village only)

These homes contribute to a snow-shoveling service for common sidewalks through a limited assessment.