Parking Policies

The following parking policies are based on Resolution #6:

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While the following parking policies apply mainly to the private roads within the gated portion of the community, it is expected that all residents will abide by parking signage and regulations as set forth by the Association, VDOT, and County authorities.

  1. Parking on the private streets in the Community is restricted to guests and visitors ONLY. Guests and visitors may ONLY park on the side of the street with a sidewalk. In those sections with sidewalks on both sides of the streets, parking is allowed ONLY on the side of the street with even house numbers.
  2. Except for the section known as The Greens, overnight parking (between 1:00AM – 5:00AM) on the private streets is prohibited without prior approval from, and a temporary parking permit issued by, the Association. Overnight street parking is subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense. Certain situations, such as driveway or garage maintenance, may arise that would require an owner or resident to need overnight street or common space parking. The Association requires that a temporary parking permit be issued to ensure compliance with this policy. (Note: While overnight parking has been allowed for The Greens due to a shortage of proper parking places, the residents and guests in that section must still abide by all the remaining parking regulations enumerated within this Resolution.)
  3. In accordance with the Association’s Declaration, vehicles owned by lot owners and residents must be parked in garages or driveways. If it is necessary to use common area parking spaces, then common area parking will be used on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. The Board of Directors reserves the right to assign parking spaces for guests and visitors at the Board’s discretion.
  5. Vehicles must be parked so as not to obstruct other parking spaces, sidewalks, fire hydrants or ingress and egress areas such as driveways and emergency vehicle access.
  6. No vehicles other than those clearly indicated as operated by or for a physically disabled person shall be parked in spaces reserved for physically disabled parking.
  7. Vehicles may be parked only in designated parking spaces. All vehicles must comply with “No Parking” areas as posted or designated.
  8. From time to time, the need may arise whereby a resident requires an On Street parking pass to accommodate guests spending the evening and the drive way cannot handle the additional vehicle(s). These passes are issued by the HOA office for a period not to exceed seven (7) evenings. The HOA office managing agent has the discretion to deny passes for residents who are perceived to be abusing this privilege.
  9. On a rare occasion, a situation may occur that would require a guest(s) to remain at a resident’s home overnight. If this should occur, the resident may obtain an emergency overnight parking pass from the Front Gate Guard for that evening only. These passes will be available after 7PM.
  10. There shall be no parking in the following areas:
    • Along Tournament Parkway
    • In any area of The Greens that is not a clearly marked & approved parking space.
    • In any pipe-stem, unless otherwise marked and permitted for parking
    • In any fire lane
    • In any cul-de-sac
    • Perpendicular to the end of a driveway
    • Within thirty (30) feet of any median on Palmer Classic Parkway
    • On Medalist Parkway
    • From Tournament Parkway to Old Kinderhook Place
    • In the school bus “turn-around” near the rest station at the 14th hole tee box


  1. The Managing Agent shall have the authority to issue a warning notice to vehicles which are in violation of this parking policy. The notice (Exhibit A of this resolution) shall be placed on the vehicle and a carbon copy retained by the Managing Agent.
  2. Vehicles which are in violation of this resolution are subject to being towed at the owner’s risk and expense, twenty-four (24) hours from the date of violation issuance.
  3. Vehicles in violation of overnight street parking, parking in a designated No Parking zone, previously cited for parking violations, , shall be subject to immediate towing without notice.
  4. In lieu of, or in addition to, towing vehicles which are in violation of this resolution, the Board of Directors may impose penalties in accordance with the provisions of Policy Resolution No.


Nothing in this resolution shall be construed to hold the Association, or the Board of Directors, responsible for damage to vehicles, or the loss of property from vehicles, parked on Community streets, or in common area parking spaces.

* Certain situations, such as driveway or garage maintenance, may arise that would require an owner or a resident to need street parking for a short period of time.  The Association requests that you contact the HOA office for clarification and further information to ensure that your vehicle(s) is/are properly documented and identified.